Backstage Update On Another Superstar Shake-Up!


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Reports are surfacing that there may be another Superstar Shake-up taking place as early as the week after SummerSlam.

Following WrestleMania 33, the WWE roster was subject to what Vince McMahon wanted us to refer to as a Superstar Shake-up. Rather than completely redrafting the entire locker room onto either Raw or SmackDown Live, a few select Superstars and tag teams switched between Monday and Tuesday nights. Now, less than four months later, it appears another Shake-up is in the works.

After Wrestlemania, SummerSlam is the biggest event in the WWE calendar, so the company needs to do something to counteract the lull that comes after it. Last year, it was the re-crowning of a Universal Champion, the year before it was the beginning of Seth Rollins’ feud with Sting, and this year the attempt to maintain ratings could come in the form of some Superstars calling new shows home.

Both PWInsider and the Wrestling Observer reported that another Superstar Shake-up is set to take place directly after SummerSlam, although it will be slightly different than the one that took place in April. As well as wrestlers moving from Raw to SmackDown Live and vice versa, some talents that creative doesn’t have plans for might make the move to NXT.

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